It is crucial that you do everything you can to keep your bones as strong and healthy as possible. As you get older your bones naturally become more brittle, and the sooner you start taking these measures the better. It is never too late (or too early) to focus on doing this. Maintaining good bone density is essential for good overall health. In this article you will learn about some of the best ways to take care of your bones over the years.

Eat Foods with Lots of Calcium

One of the best ways to ensure that your bones stay strong over time is to include lots of calcium-rich foods in your diet. This includes things like milk, yogurt, cheese and kefir. All of these foods can provide you with lots of calcium on a daily basis. You can also take a calcium supplement. If you are interested in the supplement option, consult with your physician before deciding on a certain dosage.

Vitamin D

It’s also important that you get your recommended daily value of your vitamin D. A lot of people have severe vitamin D deficiencies and don’t even realize it. You can get this vitamin from eating fatty fish such as sardines and salmon as well as milk, egg yolks, and margarine. There is also the option of taking a supplement each day. The recommended daily value for this vitamin is 400 to 800 IU.

Take CBD Oil

Consuming CBD oil on a regular basis can also help you keep your bones healthy. This oil comes from the cannabis plant, but it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties like marijuana. It does, however, offer a great number of medicinal benefits. Scientific research has shown that this oil can really help with maintaining good bone health. It is available in multiple forms, including liquid (oil), edibles and even capsules. This is one of the more effective ways to take care of your bones, and it is completely safe.

Stay Active

You should make a point of getting a decent amount of exercise every day. This could be something as simple as taking a long walk, riding on your bicycle for a bit, or going for a swim. There are many different ways to exercise, and all of them can benefit your bones. Those who don’t exercise regularly tend to have weaker and more brittle bones, which can cause all sorts of problems. Strength training can be particularly effective when it comes to building and maintaining strong bones.

Keep Caffeine to a Minimum

While it’s true that caffeine can give you a nice energy kickstart in the morning, consuming too much of it can negatively affect your bones. You should try to limit yourself to a couple of cups of coffee per day. Nobody should drink more than 300 milligrams of caffeine in a single day.


You also need to get a decent amount of protein on a regular basis. This can help you keep your bones strong and healthy, preventing fractures and other issues. Those who want to build lean muscle also need to get lots of protein every single day. There are lots of protein supplement products you can buy, but you can also get what you need from certain foods. Chicken and other lean meats are loaded with protein. You might want to consider making yourself a protein shake in the morning sometimes. There are lots of recipes for these shakes available online.

Don’t Follow Low-Calorie Diets

A lot of people fall in love with low-calorie diets because they have been told it is the only way to stay healthy. While it is important to consume a healthy number of calories per day, you don’t want to starve yourself. You need to eat a normal amount of food on a daily basis to maintain strong bones and a healthy overall body.

Collagen Supplement

Taking a collagen supplement each day can also help you build up your bone strength over time. Collagen is the primary protein in bones, so it only makes sense that it can help you with this. These supplements are available online and in certain stores. It can also do a lot of good for your skin, preventing wrinkles, fine lines and other age marks.

Strong bones are necessary for good overall health, so you need to make a point of following at least some of these tips. The stronger your bones are, the less likely you will be to experience serious breaks and fractures throughout your life. These are simple but very effective ways to take care of your bones so you don’t have major regrets later on in life. Once your bones become very brittle, it can be difficult to undo the damage that has been done.

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